A blog for those who enjoy words – reading, writing, quotations, and more.   “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Our eyes process the images we see, but what is the origin of the words?

My mother played the piano “by ear.” We’d play a song on the radio or on an album, and she could duplicate the song on the piano with great embellishment. I think her mind literally recorded the music in her brain. A co-worker once told me about his daughter who at an early age composed music. Often during car rides, she would scream at her family to stop talking, so she could hear the music that was already playing in her head. Some people have that same gift and fascination with numbers and can interpret their interrelationship naturally and effortlessly. I don’t have either of those gifts. I just like words.

No, I love them. When I read, I not only see, but hear the words in my mind. I examine the rhythm of the words, their placement, their relationship. In my work, I have to pick just the rights words, because the origin, meaning, and interpretation may be the subject for future arguments. When I write, the sentences often are formed in my mind before I pick up a pen or type at a computer. In quiet moments alone, I can almost hear the words I want to write.

I like to listen to words, in songs and in movies.  My son and I quip in movie quotes.

Most of all, I love how words can inform, share, express and awaken emotion, heal, and inspire. My blog is meant to share words that do just that.


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